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Tips and Advice

Do your research.
  • Utilize our online resources to assess areas of interest, conduct company and industry research, and obtain tips on writing resumes and cover letters.
  • Take the time to research organizations in your area of interest. Recruiters know when someone hasn't taken the time do so.
  • Not every industry recruits the same way. Research your industry and find out the best way to break into it.
Network, Network, Network
  • Attend as many networking functions as possible and make it a goal to meet at least five new people per hour.
  • Make sure everyone in your life knows you are looking for a job and ask for help when you need it.
  • When networking and getting to know someone, always start the conversation by asking about that person.
  • When you are having lunch or dinner with a recruiter remember that it is still an interview.
  • Separate from your friends at career fairs; employers want to get to know you one on one.
Focus on the Interview
  • Think you are great at interviewing? Think again! While some people have a knack for interviewing, no one is perfect at it. Attend an 8 Steps to Acing the Interview workshop and then schedule a mock interview. We'll provide you with honest feedback and we'll even record and put it on a CD for you to take home!
  • If you are selected to interview for a position, the Toppel Career Center will contact you by phone or email. Be sure to return all phone calls and emails within 24 hours.
  • Never fabricate information on your resume or in an interview; not only can it cost you a potential job, it can also land you a trip to the Dean of Students office for violating the student code of conduct.
  • Do not wait until your senior year to buy a suit and follow these tips to dress for success.
  • Once you have accepted a job offer you should not continue interviewing or accept another offer. Doing so may have negative consequences and may even keep you from ever working at an organization in the future.
Get Career Ready
  • Once you've landed the job, you'll need to be ready to go on day one. Career readiness is not just about finding and getting the right job--it’s about being ready once you’re there. The core competencies of career readiness broadly prepare UM students for a successful transition into life after the U. Review the infographic below and start thinking about how you can become career ready before you even start that job. 

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