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On Campus Recruiting

During the fall and spring over 400 companies participate in the Toppel Career Center’s On Campus Recruiting Program. Employers come to campus to interview UM students and graduates for Full-Time and Internship opportunities. To apply for on-campus interviews you must be registered on HireACane and have an approved resume on the system.

  • Login to HireACane and upload your resume! Make sure you have accurately filled out your academic profile; this is the data that HireACane uses to match you up with opportunities for which you are eligible.
  • Once your resume is uploaded the first time, your resume is critiqued by a Toppel Career Center staff member and emailed back to you with corrections within 3-5 business days. To get additional critiques, visit Toppel for walk-in advising.

Offer Deadline Policy: 
This policy is in place for employers when extending offers to University of Miami students.

Summer: Full-time and internship offers extended to students during the summer should expire no earlier than Fall Recess (UM Academic Calendar).  

FallFull-time and internship offers extended to students during the Fall semester should expire no earlier than November 15th, or a minimum of three weeks after they are given (whichever comes later).

SpringFull-time offers extended to students during the Spring semester should expire no earlier than two weeks after they are given.  Internship offers should expire no earlier than the beginning of Spring Recess (UM Academic Calendar), or a minimum of two weeks after they are given (whichever comes later).

Company Information Sessions

A Company Information Session is a critical part of the research that you need to effectively prepare for all interviews. Information Sessions are informative and serve as a way of gathering additional information about the company before the interview. In addition, it enables you to personally meet a representative from the company and also ask questions at the end of the session. If you have scheduled an interview with an employer, you should always attend their presentation, which is usually held the evening prior to the interview date. This is how you learn about career options, company culture and environment, and career trends so that you can make informed decisions.

To see what companies are conducting an information session, sign into HireACane.

On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) Policies for Students

Please familiarize yourself with the following policies as you participate in OCR and contact the Toppel staff if you have any questions or concerns.

A lack of professionalism from our students is an inconvenience to employers and reflects poorly on other UM students, faculty, and staff.  A lack of professionalism has the potential to damage Toppel’s relationship with employers who may reconsider whether or not to participate in OCR in the future.  Years taken to build business relationships for the benefit of the entire UM community can be erased with just a few negative experiences.  Please observe the highest professional and ethical standards and see yourself as we see you: an ambassador to the business community, representing the University of Miami.

No Show Policy
The no show policy applies when a student does not appear for a scheduled on-campus interview and/or when a student does not cancel their interview with at least 48 hours advance notice.  All interview cancellations must be made in writing to, including emergencies. 

First Offense - The student will:

  • Lose full access to HireACane until he/she attends a meeting with the Assistant Director of On-Campus Recruiting
  • Contact the Career Center to schedule the meeting by phone (305-284-1989) or via email (
  • Provide a letter of apology addressed “Dear Recruiter” in a printed and electronic format

Second Offense - The student will be banned from all On-Campus Interviewing activities

Falsifying data such as your identity, GPA, dates of graduation, major/minor, work experience, or other information is unethical and in violation of the Toppel Career Center’s standards.  If you falsify documents or misrepresent yourself to any employer, whether via our recruiting program or in your independent job search, the Career Center has the right to rescind your privileges to use our services. You may also be subject to additional repercussions from the Dean of Students Office and from employers themselves.

Rescinding Job Offers
Once you accept a job offer, whether via our recruiting program or in your independent job search, you are expected to withdraw completely from the job search process. If you are uncertain as to whether you should accept an offer or would like guidance to salary negotiations, please consult with a Toppel Career Center staff member. Rescinding is unprofessional and jeopardizes UM's reputation in the employment community as well as your own. Should you renege on an offer, the Career Center may block you from participating in any additional on-campus interviews or revoke your access to HireACane.

Toppel Career Center
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Phone: 305-284-5451
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