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Practice Interview

An important element of the job search process is the interview. Through the Toppel Practice Interview Program, students can enroll in a one-hour interview to help polish their interviewing skills and prepare to meet with employers. An advisor will conduct the interview for 20-30 minutes, and feedback is provided about the student’s performance. Questions are targeted to the student’s field/major (i.e., medical school interview, finance interview, etc.).

Practice Interviews are offered daily by appointment only. All students interested in signing up for an individual practice interview must participate in an 8 Steps to Acing the Interview workshop. Once signed up for a practice interview, make sure to bring a copy of your resume to the appointment. We also recommend that you bring a flash drive to record the interview. For more information on how to sign-up, call (305) 284-5451 or stop by the Toppel Career Center.

Practice Interview Module powered by InterviewStream
Do you need practice with your interviewing skills, but it’s the middle of the night? By simply logging into your HireACane account you will be able to conduct practice interviews anywhere on campus! With the InterviewStream software, you will have the ability to record practice interview sessions, while answering industry specific questions from the comforts of your own space!

Mini Practice Interviews

Do you have an interview coming up and cannot seem to fit a Practice Interview into your busy schedule? Toppel offers Mini Practice Interviews; no appointment or workshop attendance required. These are 20-minute interviews that can be tailored to jobs, internships, graduate or professional school. Toppel Peer Advisors will conduct the interview and ask you a sample of interview questions followed by feedback regarding nonverbal communication and interview answers. 

To schedule your Mini Practice Interview, please contact the Front Desk at (305) 284-5451.

Top 10 Reasons to Schedule a Practice Interview

  1. Prepare for the real thing
  2. Practice answering behavioral-based interviewing questions
  3. Learn how to answer those "tricky" questions
  4. Get advice on wardrobe selections and accessories
  5. Get tips on how to avoid getting nervous and making common mistakes in the interview
  6. Create a good first impression
  7. Learn helpful organizational tips
  8. Acquire marketing strategies to sell yourself
  9. Watch the CD of your interview and improve your performance
  10. Learn what employers are really looking for in their future candidates
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