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Interview Process

Research the company/organization
  • Primary mission/purpose of the organization
  • Major competitors
  • Organizational culture (management style, work environment, structure)
  • Principal services and products
Research the graduate program
  • Demographics of the institution
  • Curriculum/program requirements
  • Assistantship/internship opportunities
Assess your strengths
  • Recall and write your accomplishments ahead of time
  • Follow each skill or accomplishment with a concrete example
  • Describe relevant experience and relate it to the position

During the Interview

Non-Verbal Communication
    • Practice your handshake (it’s not a strength contest, but you don’t want be a "dead fish")
    • Body language is important: sit up straight and do not cross your arms
    • Maintain eye contact without staring
    • Do not tap nervously or move around too much
Verbal Communication
    • Never talk negatively about past employers
    • Don't talk too much or ramble
    • Eliminate non-words including "you know", "um", or "like"
    • Speak in a clear, well-modulated, audible voice

After the Interview
  • Follow up with a thank you note or email
  • Do your research on average salaries for graduates in your field

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