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Internships Defined

Not sure which profession is the right fit? Explore a career path by pursuing an internship! An internship is a supervised work experience that provides students with an opportunity to apply classroom-based learning while gaining practical work experience. One of the goals of the Toppel Career Center is to provide students with the necessary resources to find an internship, and the education required to succeed in it.

Paid and Unpaid Internships

Internship providers (other than government agencies and not-for-profit agencies) are required by federal law to either pay or award academic credit to their interns. Compensation must be at least minimum wage or equal out to minimum wage per hour if payment comes in the form of a stipend. Be aware that many states set their own minimum wage requirements. The State of Florida minimum wage is $8.05 per hour.

Government agencies and not-for-profit agencies are allowed to offer unpaid/no-credit internships without violating these laws. However, the Toppel Career Center recommends some sort of compensation.

Internships for Academic Credit

Students interested in receiving academic credit toward their major for their internships should contact their academic advisor. The Toppel Career Center offers credit through the Toppel Internship Program, in the form of a one-credit transcript notation. Employers that have listed their internship as for-credit are aware that it is the responsibility of the student to facilitate the credit-granting process.

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