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Career Expos/Fairs

Organizations send representatives to Career Expos and Fairs to assess the quality and diversity of the student body. These events give companies opportunities to determine the potential effectiveness of recruiting on a campus and meet with students to evaluate the academic and personal qualifications of a large number of potential candidates. A successful career fair experience can confirm the importance of returning to the campus for the next step in the recruitment process, the on-campus or screening interview. 

For students, this offers an opportunity to learn more about a specific company or industry. Frequently, company representatives at Expos are also the individuals conducting on-campus interviews. Students who have met their interviewers at a fair and company presentation, enter the screening interview with enhanced self-confidence as they have a larger accumulation of company knowledge and greater ease with employers, with whom they have met on one or two prior occasions.

The purpose of a career fair is for students and employers to meet and exchange information. Take the initiative and introduce yourself. Walking up and introducing yourself to a recruiter may be uncomfortable, and you may feel awkward and unsure about how to begin a conversation. However, recognize that, as in any new situation, first impressions begin with the moment you approach an employer. Make that moment count!                                          

Fall 2016

Fall Career Expo & Graduate Fair
Monday, September 19, 2:00 - 6:00 pm

Friday, October 7, 12:00 - 3:00 pm

Global Careers Meet-Up

*For more information, please contact Betty Zambrano, Assistant Director of Career Events, at

Spring 2017

Spring Career Expo 

Architecture Career Fair 

Communication Meet-Up

SEC/ACC Virtual Career Fair

Education Meet-Up

Student Athlete Career Fair

*For more information, please contact Toppel at or 305-284-5451.

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