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Overview of the Toppel Internship Program:

The Toppel Internship Program provides students who have secured an internship the opportunity to earn a 1-credit transcript notation that will be visible on University of Miami transcripts. The University of Miami Internship (UMI) course, offered fall, spring, and summer, will allow students to have work experience related to their major, career path, or possible career path/interest and it will provide recognition of the internship experience on official transcripts. * The University of Miami Internship course (UMI) is offered at no cost to the Toppel Internship Program participants.

Students participate in the Toppel Internship Program for many reasons:

  • To receive official University recognition for the internship
  • To satisfy employer requirements
  • To develop stronger career-related skills and become a more knowledgeable and competitive candidate for future jobs and internships
  • To evaluate the internship site for future UM interns
  • To communicate to the employer that the internship experience is sponsored by the University

Employers are expected to offer a true experiential learning experience and hold students accountable to agreed upon responsibilities and time commitments.

The Toppel Career Center is responsible for: registering students for the Toppel Internship Program and for the appropriate UMI course as well as supporting students and employers throughout the duration of the internship experience. 

Types of Internships:

Students can participate in the following two types of internships

  • Part-Time Internship requiring at least 160 working hours. (UMI 105, 205, 305, 405, 605)
    • Over the course of a 16 week semester, this would be about 10 hours per week
  • Full-Time Internship requiring at least 320 working hours. (UMI 110, 210, 310, 410, 610)
    • Over the course of a 10-13 week semester (Summer 1 is 5 weeks, Summer 2 is 5 weeks), this would be about 25-32 hours per week

*Full-time internships during the fall/spring semesters are not encouraged as all our participants must have full-time enrollment at the university. The Toppel Career Center will only approve these kinds of internships on a case by case basis*

Enrollment Requirements:

During the Fall/Spring, students should also maintain a full academic course load (at least 12 hours). Participants will be required to submit a copy of their schedule to prove full-time enrollment.

During the Summer, students are able to participate while taking a semester off from an academic course load, since the Office of the Registrar identifies Students enrolled full-time for both the Fall and Spring semesters are considered full-time for enrollment purposes for the calendar year August to August, regardless of enrollment in summer courses.” 

Toppel Internship Program (TIP) Requirements for Employers:

In order to measure and evaluate a meaningful learning experience, employers will be responsible for the following, in order for their interns to receive a 1-credit transcript notation:

  • Review the student's learning goals and objectives and sign off on the Toppel Internship Program Goals Agreement Form
  • Complete an end of internship Employer Evaluation

If you are offering an internship for Academic Credit only, it is important that you follow up with the student AND receive a letter from the University of Miami stating that the student has been registered for an internship course. This must be done prior to the start of the internship.

*Note: If a student is pursuing an approved academic credit internship through their school/college, additional requirements may be requested by the faculty intern supervisor. The faculty intern supervisor will receive copies of all completed documentation.

How to help students:

 A student should not begin their internship until you receive a letter indicating they are eligible to participate in the Toppel Internship Program. If you meet with a student and they are unaware of how to gain academic credit, please have the student contact Anna Kenney at 305-284-1809 or for further assistance. 

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