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Career Transitions

The Toppel Career Center assists alumni seeking to make a career change. Changing careers is common, but knowing how to identify potential careers and market yourself on the resume, in an interview, and through networking is an important skill during this transition.
There are several different types of career changes. The type of change you are making will determine how you will market yourself:
  • Changing industries, same position- emphasize that you have the skills and expertise necessary to get the job done; convince the employer you can adapt to new environments and situations easily
  • Changing position, same industry- emphasize that your knowledge of and exposure to the industry will expedite the process of learning a new job
  • Changing industry AND position- emphasize your transferable skills


Though not required, many career changers choose to submit a functional resume. Functional resumes work well for career changers that lack experience in the field since they highlight skills as opposed to a chronological resume that focuses on job titles, employers, and dates of employment. 

Click here for a sample functional resume for career changers.

Additional Tips & Resources

  • Do your research before you change gears- know what you are getting into so that there aren’t any surprises. Know the knowledge and skills you will need as well as any additional education before you make the change.
  • Network as much and often as you can. Register on CaneConnections to network virtually with other UM alumni.
  • Know your transferable skills and be able to provide concrete examples of ways that you possess these skills.
  • Think about what you have to offer rather than what you are lacking- changing careers requires confidence rather than focus on the lack of experience or exposure to the field or job. Employers can detect if someone is defensive or insecure about what they don’t know- instead, remain positive and highlight your strengths and transferable skills!
10 Step Plan to Career Change

Career Change Do's & Don'ts
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